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Here's the latest, The Green Elephant #1 reached the status of top-selling graphic novel on Apple Books (AU) at release. My What We Do in the Shadows (TV series) spec script is out now to read and Friendzoned Island (Short Film) has won Best Feel Good Film at the Sydney Indie Film Festival. Super happy about that! Let's see what else...

Anyways, feel free to have a look around, if you need anything just me let know, otherwise you can click the button below and I'll just show you something.

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Sirious IssuesThe Green Elephant
The Green Elephant
(or how to get a girls attention)

Join Lucas and his co-workers, the Treehouse Crew, as they try to help him with his love life.

Written by: Ary M.
Illustrated by: QUSHUNG

"Look, you see this girl everyday but you never say anything. So here's what you do. When Friday comes around, you're going to wear something that stands out like a sore thumb…"
- Frank

The Green Elephant #1 Graphic Novel
Short Story
out now
Winner of Best Feel Good Film at the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2019Nominated for Best Romantic Comedy Film at the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2019

There is a dark place that some dating rejections take us to…welcome to Friendzoned Island.

Friendzoned Island is a short film about Clay, who wakes up on an island after experiencing yet another date gone wrong. This isn’t the first time he’s found himself in the friend zone but what he thinks is happening to him may not be the real problem.

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Friendzoned Island Short Film Poster by Rico Jr.

When I set out to write episodes of my favourite shows, Rick and Morty was high up on my list. The writers have established a really high bar when it comes to the quality of writing so this was my toughest challenge yet. I'm delighted to report I've started to write a fun new adventure called "Afternoon Rickdelight"

Click below to stay up to date and be notified when it's finally out. If you're a fan of the show, you should definitely check it out!

Rick and Morty - Spec Script
What We Do in the Shadows

After watching a few episodes of What We Do in the Shadows, I couldn't help himself to write an episode for the upcoming third season of the FX show.

Click below to read the script, watch an animatic of the first 3 minutes, and find out how it all came to be. If you're a fan of the show, you should definitely check it out!

What We Do in the Shadows - Spec Script