The Green Elephant #1 Graphic Novel
Short Story
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The Green Elephant (Or How To Get A Girls Attention)

Join Lucas and his co-workers, the Treehouse Crew, as they try to help him pluck up the courage to talk to girls.

Written by: Ary M
Illustrated by: QUSHUNG

"Look, you see this girl everyday but you never say anything. So here's what you do. When Friday comes around, you're going to wear something that stands out like a sore thumb…"
- Frank

Lucas The Green Elephant
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Written by: Ary M
Illustrated by: QUSHUNG

about the story
the green elephant

How do you talk to someone you've never met? Well, this is the situation that Lucas finds himself in...

Lucas gets most of his dating advice from his friends, specifically, his co-workers at Treehouse. The Treehouse Crew are like family to him and they don't hesitate to inject themselves into his personal life. Some of the advice is good, some might be pushing it, but they mean well. It's difficult to keep your head straight about it when you feel like you've got one opportunity, to make a move. But when it's with someone you don't know, how do you engage? Here's what we're going to explore...the reason for a conversation needs to make sense.

Lucas AKA The Green Elephant
the boy who lived...through a crush

Lucas is a bit of an introvert when it comes to talking to girls. As a graphic designer, he loves being creative and uses his creativity to express himself. When he’s confident he can get quite animated. Working at Treehouse is a dream for him, it's his first job starting his career as a junior graphic designer, plus he coordinates the weekly office movie night.

His colleagues are like family to him. He shares everything with them and they share everything with him...maybe they share a little too much. On this one particular day, he was openly asking for the crew for advice on how to get a girls attention. After hearing about the story of The Green Elephant, he decides to play to his strengths to see what happens.

treehouse crew
Austin, Alyce, Sara and frank

What do you get when a self-made multi-millionaire builds a tech startup on top of a converted rooftop bar? I'm not sure...the jury's still out on that one. Austin is the CEO of Treehouse, a work haven for Alyce, Frank, Lucas, and Sara. Although they get paid to work, it's hard for people to believe they get anything done with all the side missions going on.

The Treehouse Crew: Austin, Alyce, Sara, and Frank
The Green Elephant - WARMEL Sweater

As featured in The Green Elephant. Lucas wears the blue WARMEL sweater with a pair of washed out jeans and white Stan Smith kicks.

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songs Inspiring the writing process

A playlist of songs that helped anchor the right tone and energy during the writing of The Green Elephant.

The Green Elephant - Songs Inspiring The Writing Process Spotify Playlist
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Chill with the treehouse crew

Welcome to the Chill Playlist inspired by The Green Elephant. Best for chilling, or reading along with the graphic novel. Happy listening!